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Question about B5 vhs and cards


I have an unopened collection of B5 vhs tapes. All episodes from seasons 1 and 5. I bought these cheap years ago because i liked the cover art. These come with two collector cards for each vhs. I know the vhs tapes are not worth money. Just something cool to look at now and then. I have heard that the cards that come with the vhs tapes can be of value. The obvious question. Should i tear off the plastic to get the cards ? Are these cards that were only produced for the vhs tapes or are they fairly common ? An example would be from Sleeping in Light vhs. Would there be cards from that episode ? If so, those I would keep . Any suggestions ?

Why bother to keep them wrapped. The tapes are wortheless anyway - wrapped or unwrapped. I would take the cards out and put them in a folder.

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