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Quantum Leap... pull the other one


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Finally the DVDs for Quantum Leap have been announced.

US$60 for the pilot plus eight episodes.

They can bugger right off. :LOL: What a stupid price.
A nice enough show but nothing I feel any need to shell out cash to see, regardless of how reasonable the price turns out to be.
I loved this show; it really meant something to this man's young, very impressionable youth. I'll definately be buying this when (if) it comes out on region 2, though the price is a bit steep.

IIRC this was a "maverick season" - only 8 episodes were made, and the rest had twenty-odd each. So we should get a better deal for the other 4 seasons.
this was a "maverick season" - only 8 episodes were made, and the rest had twenty-odd each

When i was a young child , i thought that a series only consisted of 8 or 9 episodes than i started seeing American series wich had more tha 8 episodes per season !... I remember Quantum Leap when it first aired on BBC 2 and i loved that show (Also hated it when it ended the series and i had to wait 6 or 7 months for the new one)
Is there anyone here who remembers the sitcoms (UK)of the early 90`s ?

Nicholas lyndhurst as a spy (but don`t remember the name can anyone on here remind me ?)

A comedy series on ITV wich was about a father and daughter ?? :confused:
Goodby Sweetheart
It is Goodnight Sweetheart btw , Not the same one i am thinking of ... This was on ITV and he was a real spy ..

All i remember about the second one is that the girl was blonde , and about 18 . He was divorced i think ...
Andrew, in Goodnight Sweetheart he wasn't a spy. He just travelled back in time.

I think it the programme in quetstion was the Piglet Files.