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Psi Corps print ads that never made it

aaaah...ya gotta love the psicorps...these guys will do anything to have you under their control especially if you're a teep @.@

anyway, I'VE UNEARTHED SOME OF THE PSI CORPS RECRUITMENT ADS that never made it to the scenes of B5 O.O!!! i wonder why they never had these plastered all over the place o_O

I LOVE THIS FIRST ONE!! *droooooooool* WALTER KOENIG IS SO FREAKING SEXY!!! aaaah...why the heck is talia there?! they probably took this down since B5 would discover that she's working as a spy x.x

this other one's pretty simple....

doesn't look too bad to me....they probably thought bester's mug would scare recruits away x.x

>-----that's all we have for now, mundanes. i'll see if i can get some more. er...any suggestions as to what i could do next? o_O

NOTE: The original pictures (from smallville, etc.) are owned by their respective owners. talia and bester own their faces. the only thing i did was to edit them ^_^. CHEERS ^_^!!!

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