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Prometheus is set in the same storyuniverse as the Alien franchise, but it's not directly connected to the Alien series' story. Chronologically it takes place before the first Alien film.

Prometheus trailer

Judging from the trailer, this is going to be a good movie.

The alien ship in the Prometheus trailer looked just like the one the space tug Nostromo found on LV-426 in the movie Alien.
That's because it's the same one.

Prequel remember. set approx. 30 years before Alien.

We don't know it's the same one. Ridley Scott has been very careful to emphasize this is set in the universe, but, not a straight prequel, in order to ensure people don't get the wrong impression and come away disappointed because things go the way they expected.

So, sure it could be the same one, but, not necessarily
I finally watched this movie a week or two ago & was left with a WTF a the end. At the very least I guess they've expanded the Alien/Predator universe so... yay?

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