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Prodigious Nonproductivity

I'm not one of those fanfic people. Nothing against them, I'm just bent towards telling my own stories. Sometimes, however, the appeal of playing in someone else's garden is...well...appealing.

So just for a change, rather than talking about what is, let's talk about what we'd do with it. I'm not advocating fanfic, fanfilms, or copyright infringement of any kind. I'm just wondering what *you'd* do if you had a good budget, a 110-episode deal, and the blessings of JMS and Warners.

Me? I'd do a "Knights of the Round Table" kind of show, with seven main characters, and a dozen or so recurring. They'd be Rangers, of course, going off to handle various situations, alone, in small groups, or as a whole all together. It'd be almost an anthology. Sheridan would show up five or six times a year as Arthur. There'd be an arc, though I have no real clue what I'd throw in there (Basically I'm not willing to put that much effort into my bluesky woolgathering. Any arcs or plots I might come up with for this are things I'd much rather use in my own stories.)

The *purpose* of the show would be to tie up all the disparate threads of B5, Rangers, Crusade, and the Telepath War, obviously, but - there'd be some kind of central plot unique to my show to give it a reason for being beyond simply cleaning up messes. I'm thinking in tone and structure, it'd be something like Justice League Unlimited, if anyone ever watched that show. (If not, you really should)

Oh, and I think I'd have each group of 11 episodes constitute a year. So season 1 would be 2263 and 2264, and season 5 would be 2273/2274. This would allow us to cover most of the dangly bits, and I just think it would be interesting as an experiment as I've never seen a show done like that.