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Problem with time continuity



I finally finished with the Centauri Trilogy. Really GREAT. And I found several problem with time continuity.
For example:

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Vir and Kane rescued Sheridan on the B5. This event should be in 2262, bechause Sheridan is still on B5 and Garibaldi is a still head of Intelligent Service.
BUT this event is more that 8 months after Londo became emperor. That it makes no sense.

Another example:
Londo's visit on Minbar. I have understood from the book that this should take place one year may be more years after Londo became emperor or Sheridan depart form B5. Again it makes no sense.


What do you think?

Londo's visit can be seen in Objects at Rest. This is the last pre Sleeping in Light B5 ep.

Who said Sheridan can't make a return visit to B5. Also I don't remember how much time there is between when Londo becomes emperor and Objects at Rest.

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From what I remember and have read elsewhere, Peter David seems to be about one year off in most dates.

There are a few other time discrepancies in the books as well, compared to the events on screen - but if you're willing to overlook that, then the books are just great.

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Kribu's Lounge
Kribu: Of course, book even with these problems is excelent.

It must be hard enough for JMS to remember and keep track of the entire B5 universe himself. No add in many other people all writing and creating for the franchise and it becomes mind boogling. I think that with all that they have been through they have done a superb jib of keeping track. There are a few things in the books that don't add up as well as things in the series. All said though it is probaly the most consitant show on television.

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