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Premium memberships

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They're back! Premium membership registration is again open for a short period.

For those who aren't clued in, it's what a number of regulars here have that allows them to have a premium avatar. And the avatar is the main feature which people seem to purchase it for. :)

You will also have a link under your name to your website (if applicable), access to the premium members' forum (pretty quiet, but access none the less) and in the near future the ability to add attachments to your posts.

In terms of the avatar, you can have any pic from a B5 or Crusade episode, and I can sort that or you can provide your own.

Payment is US$15 via PayPal.

Does anyone want to join this prestigious batch? :)
Ooo...I do. Wait, I've already done that.

I do recommend it highly, though. Look at the dandy avatar I selected. :D
Ooo...I do. Wait, I've already done that.

I do recommend it highly, though. Look at the dandy avatar I selected. :D

Look at the dandy avate I selected :D

Anyways..being a premie is nice :D
An online system that allows you to pay by credit card, and the money goes into Antony's prostitues and cigar slush fund.
You can use a bank account too but I am not sure how one sets it up internationally.

Plus, there are a few of us around here who would be willing to cash your check and send Ant the money. ;)
I would love to but, I just got a letter in the mail from my University saying I have to pay my tuition at the end of this month instead of at the end of September. Some stupid new rule they have. :rolleyes: I have to wait till my next pay where I'll hopefully have just enough money. I'll have to wait till next time to get a premium. :(
Maybe if you ask Antony really, really nicely he might bend the rule a bit and accept a late payment. :D

Smile at him really nice-like. :D :D ;)
Alas, I lack the money and the PayPal acount. :(

But would love a premium account...

What I want to know is when Ant's going to put up more t-shirts...
Yes! More B5TV.com-wear. :)

My vote is for a shirt saying "OMG I LUV B5TV! LOL! KTHXBBL KEKE ^_^"

:devil: :devil: :devil:
(Thanks to LH for the funniest post I've read in a long time)
Right... well raisincajuns, Nancy, coldsoup753 (and Jade Jaguar and PsionTen) you all have premium memberships thanks to mystery benefactors!

As to B5TV.COM-wear, thanks for the interest! I keep meaning to do some more... but I plan to do some themed stuff to the kitty competition. :)
WOW! Thanks much to my mysterious benefactor! :D :cool: :D

It will take me a few days, at least, to come up with my avatar, but when I have it, I will PM Antony.

Dude! Wow...

Thanks mystery benefactors!
Now I have to think of an avitar... :D

and I would find the money to buy a t-shirt that said:
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