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Predator V Alien 2

I had very low expectations for the first one, so was pleasantly surprised by it, but, I don't really think a #2 was needed.
I really liked the first one. It even had Lance Henrickson in it, which was enough reason for me to go watch it. I thought it was hella FUN. I wasn't expecting much, though, so that's probably why I enjoyed it.
I hated the original AvP. It finished the work of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection in destroying the Alien mythos, in my opinion, and it did no favours for the Predators too. But, if Reiko Aylesworth is going to be in it, maybe it will be worth watching... which reminds me, I've still not seen 24 Season 5, the DVD release seems to keep getting delayed.
AVP sucked for me, and peeed from a great height all over two perfectly respectible film franchises. I can only imagine the sequel will do the same. I heard the sequel was going to be set on earth in small town America (yawn...), and not space / the future....
I watched AvP with very low expectations, but still came out of the cinema feeling I had wasted my money.

And they lied to us with the tagline:

"Whoever wins, we lose"

I seem to remember that we didn't lose, as the woman survived till the end.
I didn't expect a good story, but I expected great action and was let down. They didn't use their imaginations
I want to see armies of aliens, and armies of predators, take over a major college football stadium, devour the team, and play for the right to devour the crowd of captive fans! :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :rolleyes:
I seem to remember that we didn't lose, as the woman survived till the end.

Ah, yes, the wanna-be Ripley. Ripley was cool; whoever that was surviving at the end of AvP was generic. I didn't give a shit about anyone in AvP, which vastly contrasted by how much I cared for Ripley, Newt, or Bishop in Aliens.
I never watched the film expecting any story and wasn't surprised to see none.Just a few effects and a bit of action.Of course it could of been a lot better but it was obvious that it wouldn't be.It still managed to keep my amused for a while though so no doubt I'll watch the next one.