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Post from Limbo

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I don't know whether this will get thru, but, as Garibaldi would say 'What the Hell'.
I live in England and access the web thru my tv and when it comes to BB's I seem to
be in Limbo and wonder how many others are in here with me. I had no problem when it
came to registering and can read posts if they aren't too many in a thread but can't
comment because no reply icon is displayed-- only the 'start new topic' at the end
of each board.
I used to happily read and post at the WB B5 board as 'merk' but WB had the bright
idea of 'updating' their boards and now I can't even access the boards to just read
the posts (because I haven't got a 'browser' --whatever that is). I just wish the
tech people would think before they act.
The scifi board wont permit my registration but at least I can view all the posts---
including the idiots and the ill-informed.
So-- if there is anyone else in Limbo with me -- Greetings and Salutations!

Hello and welcome!

>> but can't comment because
>> no reply icon is displayed
>> only the 'start new topic'
>> at the end of each board.

Interesting. When you are reading a thread, you should see two icons on top right, just above the actual replies. One should read "post new topic" and the other "post reply". At least this is how it displays on a PC-based web browser.

If that should fail, you could try with the "reply with quote" icon in the header of each post. The rightmost one, next from "profile" and "edit". It should have an icon with a right arrow, if your system displays it properly. It should open a reply window with the text of the previous post quoted, after which you can delete the quoted text and reply as usual.

I hope that at least one of these ways works. If not, this technical issue might be solved after Antony gets the board moved over to new software. It should be coming in the near future.

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