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Possible Cast Member - Andrew Jackson

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I have seen Andrew Jackson in several roleson televison (including the one with a favourite of mine Sela Ward) and was impressed with his abilities. Also he is not afraid to become the character in the plot as written, not like some who insist on having the character written for their own personality. Then one day I met him at a social gathering and was impressed by his attitude towards a stranger.

I also heard from a friend who saw him recently on stage in a play on the Canadian east coast and she was very complimentary. I think his stature would also lead credence to the role he is seeking in the latest "Bab-5" as my friends call the series, as I feel the leader should always be imposing.

I have only seen Andrew Jackson in EFC, as a Jaridian, but he did a GREAT job it this role. I personally would like to see more stuff with Andrew in it, he'd do a great job

Andrew as a person? He's kind hearted, understanding, a great listener and story-teller, loves the idea of SF fans and CON events 'cuz he's INTO the whole SF thing, his "stature" as another put it is perfectfor this role I feel. Heck, he's already the captain of his own career, why not a role where he can excell even more-so?

As for his abilities as an actor: I agree with the person who said that Andrew Jackson can MORPH himself into ANY role very well, and not whine about his personal conflicts. I think that says more about him than anything said here previously. Like I said, his DEMO reel says it all. Astounding presence and personality. Heck, I'd have chose him to play "Janeway's" part in "Voyager" if I was in charge of that show, he's THAT cool... to ME anyway...

(Nudge nudge to the producers)

LOVED him as a reptilian in "Earth: Final conflict"! (but I have a thing for reptilians, so, heh... I'm a tad biased that way)

As for frat pix, you've got to be kidding! I don't know him THAT well, matey.
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Heck, I'd have chose him to play "Janeway's" part in "Voyager" if I was in charge of that show, he's THAT cool... to ME anyway...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Not something I would have wished on someone I liked.


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Dunno If my reply came through or not so posting it again....

Oh yes good choice!...Andrew Jackson would do the part justice. haven't seen him in alot of things but loved him in Earth Final Conflict and Millennium Man and seen him in the credits a few other times(grat Character ona CBC show as a lovable conman) and thought wow he was cool. Any other ideas for other parts or are they already cast?


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Definitely not as Janeway ...no no no Kate Mulgrew although i see why many have problems with here has done wonders with the part even if the writers haven't given her much to chew into...

- Marz
--"If you're going to be worried everytime the universe doesn't make sense.. ..you're going to be worried every moment of everyday for the rest of your natural life!" -G'Kar

Listen up folks!
I saw Andrew Jackson at the Neptune Theatre, Halifax in March in "Homeward Bound". A very fine performance. Have also seen him in most of other showings. Recently as the charming con in several episodes of "Wind On My Back" Great stuff.
Having talked talked to him personally about how he approaches various roles I can vouch for his dedication. Eg. for the reptilian parts he visited the zoo and studied the movement of the lizards. He has classical acting training but adds his own flex approaches for a superb result. He would make a terrific Capt. David because he looks solid, in control, a commander. He has depth. My kids just love him and they are Sci Fi nuts. Choose Andrew Jackson for a presidential performance!
And hey! wuts wif dis speling stuf?

I think this is good. He's been in most of the shows I watch(ed).
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I must agree with the group. Andrew Jackson would make a fine Captain in my humble opinion.


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Yeah, I agree, Andrew Jackson would make a great Ranger.
http://babylon5.about.com/tvradio/babylon5/library/blrangers.htm says that "As of 18 April 2001, all but two parts have been cast, and those two should be finalized within a few days."

So I guess all the parts have been cast by now (And they should be, filming is about to begin soon). I wonder when we'll get some info about this. Maybe someone can bug jms over at the newsgroup.

I've never heard of this Andrew Jackson. Who did he play on Stargate?

What are those Earth creatures called? Feathers, long bill, webbed feet .. go 'quack'?"


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I think Andrew Jackson would make a wonderful
David. He has had so many roles in Sci-Fi TV
shows and has done some TV movies and the
soap, All My Children and is a seasoned stage
performer in the classics and other productions. He is very good looking and an
actor who would play David with so much strength and honor and an all around good
spaceship commander. Andrew would give a
great performance.

Go Andrew!!
Although i haven't seen any of his other work, i totally support the campaign to get him into this movie!!

that's my two cents.
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According to the BC Film Commission & some Toronto agents, Dylan Neal and Alex Zahara, both Canadians, are now in the cast. Congratutions guys!!!! Hopefully next time Andrew will be the lucky one.


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