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Poltergeist: The Legacy, any fans?


Showcase has been showing this old series, and I've been catching the odd episode. It's not bad, but I'm not really getting into the show. Primarily because I can't stand the lead character. Nick and the women are interesting, but Derek bothers me intensely. I generally like Irish accents, but everytime the man opens his pie hole, I want him to shut up.

Admiral Dave
I have only caught a few episodes here and there but isn't the actor who plays Derek Dutch? :p
When I could catch the show I really enjoyed it. But, I had to really get further into it to like it -- I don't think the characters were really that evolved in the beginning.
:cool: Good programme.I watch it when ever it is shown.I hope they do some re-runs,because i missed alot of episodes.Colin.<*>.