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His Majesty

I don't know if this has been asked before. Is it possible to have a "quote" button put on PM responses? I have noticed that sometimes I get a response to a pm that I don't understand because it is sometimes days after the original message. I know that the workaround is to cut and paste it, but it would be more used I think if there was a button similar to the one in the forums.
Re: PM\'s

Yes, that'd be useful. I think a message input area larger than 4 rows would help a lot, too. Please change it to at least 10, or maybe there's a hack that lets us decide how big we want the PM text area to be.
Re: PM\'s

On other boards that I frequent, the original message, is already in the reply, in quote tags.

So the message and the reply are both there, when you get the message back.

Check VB, and Invisionboards for examples. :)

Rommie :D

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