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Planet Minibar-What Is That Supposed To Be?


I came across that link and I thought that it must be seen by everyone in the forum.The most important part is "Product Desription":



Whoever wrote this was really thinking about going home and opening the minibar.

I have a theory about the planet called Minibar.It's a space colony of the alchoholics from the whole quadrant.The Minibar society has three castes:
The Whiskey Caste,The Vodka Caste and The Bourbon Caste.They are represented by Satai "Johnnie Walker" ,Entil'Zha "Smirnoff" and Anla'Shok Na "Jim Beam".Together they form the "Grey Goose" Council.Over a thousand years ago they won the Great War against the soft drinks and the united forces of The Pepsi Shadows.

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