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Pictures from the Vancouver gathering...

Monica - those pic's where great, you got some really good close-ups in the autograph line.

<--- Is very jealous!!

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Wow, after seeing the photos and reading the descriptions I got this sudden burst of joy and excitement in my heart. It was as if until now I hadn't really allowed myself to let it all sink in, that a new Bab5 project was underway and truly going to happen.

Seeing the actors and JMS in the flesh promoting the movie/series really hit it home for me.

Thanks you so much for posting the link for that.

I *have* met Andreas, & he is the nicest person!


Goldenbird and Zoriah: Thanks for the comments on the pictures. I am glad I was able to partially recreate the feeling of being there.

For those of you who may have missed the report from the organizers of the May 2001 Gathering, visit:

You Seek Meaning

It has a great report and a few more pictures too!

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