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Peter Woodward on History Channel


I was flipping channels and stopped on one of my fav channels, the History Channel and it was a reenactment of medieval knights and their fighting styles. One of the fighting knights was narrating and explaining the various weapons used and the technique. I recongnized the voice instantly as Paul Woodward. He was dressed in shiny armor and beating the hell out of another knight with his sword. The show was called Conquest.
Peter Woodward is doing a bunch of shows for the History Channel. I saw some of his Egypt show(s)? but this one I turned away from. Fighting styles don't interest me. It's good to see he's working, though. He was always one of my favorites on Crusade. His character, Max and Dureena made that show for me.
I found that after watching Conquest it is a themed show..every week he has to master a skill he knows nothing about. The credits also have him listed as writer/producer. Next show....Demolition Derby.

He was one of my fav characters on Crusade as well because at the time he was such a mystery and I was always hoping to learn more about his character and the technomages.
Oh, my.
Demolition? I hope he's paid his insurance on time.

That actually sounds like it would be a pretty tough gig. But I can see how it would be interesting. I'm just not really into the fighting/demolition scene.

He used to be a wrestling promoter, didn't he?
Good experience for him now, I suppose.
Last night, he was Bull Riding (like in a rodeo).
So far they've has shows on:

Tournament (Knights Jousting, and Fighting on foot).
The Axman Commeth (about ax weapons on the middle ages)
Knight in Armor (mail armor, plate armor, swords and other weapons)
Bull Riding
Demolition Derby
Bow & Arrow

It's an interesting show.
I've wanted to watch this bue haven't been able to due to my lack of cable.

He did a really good job with Egypt; Beyond the Pyramids though.
I'd like to see the whole thing. I hope the History Channel repeats it eventually. And I notice it so I can watc or tape it.
I miss a lot on the History channel because I just forget to look at what they are showing. But I've seen some very interesting shows on that channel.

Anyone ever see the miniseries they had on the Crusades? It was hosted by a former Monty Pythoner and it was very entertaining and educational.


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