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People in Real Life who make me think B5


Tony Blair: Morden
William Hague: President Clarke

Basically Britain's for the high jump whoever gets in!!! Oh for a Whitestar raid on Parliament!

"We Live for the One. We die for the One!"

that'd make maggie thatcher one of the 'old ones' - always thinking they know whats best for everyone else... bastards...

On a slightly more personal level...
my grandfather's facial structure and colouring (old age spots) and reactions remind me of Narns... while his pale, delicate looking (but strong personality) wife is most definately Minbari.
Ever since I have had that thought I have had a hard time going to their place without cracking up

Have you been taking a philosophy course for the martial-artistically challenged?
Well, now I will never see BBC American News in the same light. Ever. :p

"So where does the power come from to see the race to its end? It comes from within."
Heh yeah, the entire Hous of Lors are the Vorlon Empire! A few of them make sense, they all stand for order above all, and most are crusty and leary of change.

"We Live for the One. We die for the One!"
Clinton always reminded me of Clark...you know, assassinating his enemies, doing underhanded stuff behind the scenes.

Marcus, "Well They said I was carrying around a lot of repressed anger.
Lennier, "and?"
Marcus, "I'm not repressed anymore."
my friend Brian reminds me of a shadow battle crab.....sane or otherwise.......

My old prinicple Ms. Dong makes me think of Mr. morden

I remind myself of lennier...

My friend Dillon reminds me of season one londo

The US Senate was certainly a lot like the Drazi up until last week: evenly divided (more or less, minus VP Cheney's tie breaking vote)


To my knowledge, none have advocated the killing of one another, thogh that might boost C-SPAN's ratings considerably. Wouldn't you like to see Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Hillary Clniton go at it like on American Gladiators?

Me neither. *shudder*.

"The war is never completely won. There are always new battles to be fought against the Darkness. Only the names change."

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