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Patricia Tallman to be on TechTV tonight (4/15)

DUDE, I LOVE TECHTV ^o^!!! The Screen Savers and Extended Play R0X0RS!!! you know what's kinda ironic though? the cable channel that's showing B5 here right now is the channel that replaced TECHTV!!! AAEERGH!!! oh well, i'll just wait for the transcript of the show. they usually post those in tectv.com or in their newsletters ^_^!
Another reason to watch TechTV other than Anime!

But shouldn't this be in the B5 Personnel forum? :confused:

Rommie ;)
Oops, you're right. Meant to post it there. Sorry to Joe D since he'll have to be the one to move it. :(

Re: Patricia Tallman to be on TechTV tonight (4/15

Heh, beat you to the punch. :p I posted this yesterday so Joe might as well move this and close one of the threads. ;)

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