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Patrica Tallman Podcast


Patricia Tallman is going to be appearing on a podcast brought to us by the Babble On Project and she'd love to answer YOUR questions on the 'cast. You can post them at


or tweet them to her at @patriciatallman on Twitter. Questions need to be submitted no later than March 28 for the March 30 podcast recording.

And if you haven't managed to buy her book yet, you can read an excerpt at http://www.geekplanetonline.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=3197:lytas-lingerie&Itemid=202
And read about the marketing idea of a lifetime! ;)

Great Maker, I wondered what those opening voices were. I thought there was something wrong with the codec on my media player. For those wondering: Pat Tillman finally starts getting interviewed at the 3 minute 54 second mark.

I liked how Pat Tillman explained to the British audience the American Budweiser frog commercial. Thoughtful!

Hearing Pat cry over Richard Biggs makes me sad, sometimes these interviews get too personal as we hear the grief. We all miss him and Tim Choate and Andreas Katsulas.

The hosts were very polite and although the questions were very fannish it was a great presentation overall. :thumbsup:

Much apologizings. My Gaim translator box is early model.

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