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Pat Tallman's 'Be A Santa'


Those who've followed Pat for any length of time are probably aware of her efforts every year to give Christmas to the at-risk teens of Penny Lane. The Penny Lane homes are for kids so traumatized and brutalized that they can't be placed in regular foster care. Usually, Pat kicks off the big fund raising push around her birthday, and that's this coming Wednesday. Pat's on vacation this week, but here's a note from her FB Admin:

Help Surprise Pat for her Birthday.

August 31, 2013 at 9:37am

(Admin) Wednesday is Pat’s birthday and I’d like you to visit http://beasanta.org/ to help make it special for her. I know it’s still 5 days away, but she’s enjoying a little R&R this weekend and I don’t expect to see her online. Hopefully we might be able to surprise her…

As most of you are aware, Pat runs Be A Santa, an annual holiday fundraising program for at-risk kids. Even though our favorite redhead isn’t officially launching Be A Santa 2013 for at least another month, I’d like your help surprising her with a birthday boost.

Last year, you all came together and exceeded the fundraising goals to make a huge difference in the lives of those teens! But you also reached out and touched Pat’s heart with your generosity. Be A Santa 2012 was, as she put it, “one of the best years for Be A Santa in recent memory.”

Penny Lane has grown since last year. There are more group homes and more teens.

Think for a moment about how much planning and energy you put into your holiday shopping. Now imagine how much energy and time it takes to shop for more than 100 teenagers!

I had the privilege of helping Pat with fundraising last year and, on the final evening before the gifts were delivered, filling boxes with gifts and stocking stuffers. She gets letters from each teen. Her “Santa’s List” is a giant 3-ring binder and let me tell you, she checks it much more than twice! Even with my help, she was still working late into the night.

This year, let’s not only reach our goal of $15,000, but let’s help Pat reach her goal early enough that she isn’t pushed to the wire…

She might not have a magic sleigh and reindeer to get her around this holiday season, but Pat has US—nearly 20,000 elves to help her spread a little holiday love with teenagers who are in desperate need of a little kindness this holiday season.

How much can we raise by Pat’s birthday? $500? $5000? Please join me in making this a birthday Pat will never forget...

It's great to know exactly where your money goes for something like this.