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Pat Tallman sighting again

I knew that Pat Tallman was in "Austin Powers", but I didn't realize that she was actually the waitress that gets punched by Austin.


Funny thing, the life of a stunt woman.

And of course, there's Lady Adira as Alotta Fagina.

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She was also in a first season DS9 episode, "Battlines", show number 413, original airdate after 4/26/93. She was in a lot of the fight scenes playing one of the Ennis fighting the Nolennis on a prison moon.

Pat Tallman was on UK channel ITV1 tonight (Saturday 6 Oct 2001). They showed the Austin Powers movie.

Andrew Swallow
I see I mispelled the title, Should be "Battle Lines."

I've spotted her also in DS9's "Way of the Warrior" and "The Muse", quite visible. She of course did stunt work in Generations too.

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