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Pat Tallman (Lyta) Appearing on TechTV


We just got an email from someone at TechTV that Patricia Tallman is going to appear on TechTV tomorrow's edition of "The Screen Savers". Here is a copy of the email with all the relevant information:

Patricia Tallman is appearing on TechTV tomorrow on The Screen Savers. The show will be hosting "The Great Charity PC Race" in which teams will face off to see who can build a PC the fastest. The winning team will get a PC and a cash contirbution to their charity. Patricia Tallman will be there representing Penny Lane, a family treatment center for children and families.

I thought Patricia's fans would be interested in seeing her on The Screen Savers (4 pm PST and 7 pm EST), so please spread the word!

Tune in on Tuesday April 15th at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. as well as Wednesday April 16th at 2 a.m. Eastern.

For more information:
TechTV show info
Just caught the race!!! Pat looked good, but I never did like her in red. I was amazed to see my former Vice Principal/English Teacher Mrs. Hale with the South Medford team! I went to that High School. And wouldn't you know it, WE WON!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Rommie ;)
Ya, that was cool to watch, it took me 3 to 4 hours to put together my P.C.

Awsome that you went to that High School. :eek:

Yeah, I was totally shocked when I saw them on there. My brother, who still goes there, didn't even know about it. It was very cool to see her again, and even more cool to see that my Alma Matter had won.

It was great to see Pat too. She needs to get out there and do some more stuff. Maybe a guest on SG-1, or some other mainstream Sci-fi show. I'm sure it would garner them big ratings. :)

Rommie :D
Maybe I will grab some screen shots for you this weekend. :)

She should have been wearing something sexier especially if she was intending on flashing the competitors! :p
techtv's being evil to me x.x...i'm having problems viewing the video o_O...gah, probably something wrong with my player x.x...oh well, i'll just wait for it to load completely ^_^! can't wait to see the race!!! heheh...kinda makes pat wish she could use her psi powers off the set to even the competition ^_~! hmm...with this in mind, i wonder if she's really much of a computer wiz

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