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Passing of Turhan Bey

I'd liked him as an actor for years, when he played on B5. And, I liked his character and performance on B5 very much. He does seem to have had a long and full life.
Turhan Bey, who portrayed Emperor Turhan in 'The Coming of Shadows,' has passed away at age 90. A wonderful performance, to be sure. I remember reading somewhere that JMS got some grief for killing off the character after one episode, because people on set enjoyed working with Mr. Bey.


Raw Shark

He also played Turval in "Learning Curve."

ps. I submitted an update to his IMDb page.
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Sad to see him pass away, I enjoyed Emperor Turhan and Turval both, as well as his parts in the Ali Baba movies. I'm happy he was fortunate enough to have a long and happy life

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