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Passing of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.


I got a lot out of the William Edgars storyline. It was such a key piece of the slowly-revealed telepath situation. 'The Exercise of Vital Powers' was really unexpected, a largely dialogue episode, just after the EA Civil War begins. Cerebral, very well done.

Raw Shark

"Leaders, dreamers, blessed lunatics..."
The Soul Hunter

He was also the voice of "Alfred the Butler" in all the DCAU shows in the '90s/'00s. Batman: The Animated Series, mainly, but he did cameos in all the shows excepting "Batman Beyond" which was set 40 years into the future. Even there, they did a nice little tribute to him, (Though the voice actor wasn't dead). 90-something Bruce is eating with 60-something Barbara Gordon)
Barbara: "Good tea."
Bruce: "It took me years to figure out his recipe. I've never been able to get the sandwichest just right, though."
Sorry to hear this news. I just finished watching B5 again a couple weeks ago and actually looked up his bio knowing that he was still alive.