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Part of Narn costume in TV Advert


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So, I'm sitting here watching a repeat of The Daily Show this morning, and an advertisement comes on. It's for T-Mobile's G1 cellphone. I was barely paying attention when I noticed that one of the people in one of the quick little flashes of all these different people is wearing part of a Narn costume.

I can't remember which Narn I saw it on. I've been googling images, looking at G'Kar, Ta'Lon, and Na'Toth, but it wasn't part of any of theirs. It might have been Ko'Dath; I can't find any but one image of her, and I don't want to go hunting through my DVDs to find the specific Narn from whom it came. It was the part of costume that hung around the neck somewhat laying just directly on the chest. It looked sort of like a tan, inflated balloon letter H.

It was kind of fun seeing something so minor and recognizing it as from Babylon 5, especially given how quickly the shot of it went by. Yeah, I know this isn't really a significant post, but I found it fun and wanted to share.
My internet connection is so slow that it'd take me a long time to download a video that long to look. But your describing it as a captain/crew uniform sounds right, like the miscellaneous Narn on the bridge of the single big ship that the Narn send to check out Z'ha'dum in the early season two episode "Revelations".
Yeah, I saw it. It was a geeky guy in a red costume. The tagline was "where's the convention". He had spots on his neck to match the Narn pouch.

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