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Outer Limits


Staff member
I saw another Outer Limits last night, the first in a month or so actually. It had Bruce Boxleitner of all people.

Once again: wow. Outer Limits, most of the time, really packs a punch. And this episode was quite a punch! :)
Are you talking about the episode Decompression? I saw it about three years ago. It was pretty good, wasn't it? :D
I like both the old Outer Limits series and the new one(s?). But a problem I have with both the new OL and the new Twilight Zone series is how much they recycled old stories.

The new stories are good, though. And yes, the OL with Bruce B. was a good one. :D
I love the Outer Limits and I too think that is one of the better episodes. I also like the episode with Melissa Gilbert although I can't remember the title of it off hand. Does anyone know if they are going to release more of the New Outer Limits DVDs? :D
I hope they release them all on DVD. Not these stupid "best of" shitty things.

My favourite is probably the first one I watched.. with Mark Hamill and 'The Cave'.