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Outer Limits


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I've been tuning into The Outer Limits again now thanks to my Tivo. It's something I've watched sporadically, and of course being an anthlogy show it suits irregular viewing.

But it really is an amazing show, I love it. Not having a fixed cast or setting means they can do anything, and end it any way they way. Such freedom just isn't possible in a show normally. Hell, they've destroyed the planet in more than one episode. That's something! :D

But despite its changing nature, I do find myself getting very emotionally involved; how will it end, what will happen to everyone?

And some of the endings are fab, really knock you down.

All in all, Outer Limits rules. :cool:
Are you talking about the old black and white one, or the new one?

I just saw an episode and a half of it today. The original one, I mean. Yes, it's amazing that they can make you care about the people involved when they are only around for 1-2 episodes. (Saw "The Inheritors" today which is a 2-part episode.)
I think Antony is talking about the new one. I haven't seen any of the new one for a while. Of the ones I did see, I liked most, and admit they are better than most TV today. We compared the two, old and new, in a thread long ago, and someone pointed out that the new one is less hopeful, and more mean spirited. I generally agree with that. The old one was dark and film noirish, very critical of social mores, prejudices, and closed minds, but usually seemed to end with hope for humankind, unlike the new one. And yet, when the original was made, there seemed a likelihood that the world would end in a nuclear holocaust. Today, we probably have less to fear, but are more cynical, and less trusting. As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

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