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Original Star Wars trilogy on DVD next year?


Granted, this is just a rumor and has not been confirmed by any means, but it seems possible that Episodes IV-VI may come out on DVD sometime late next year, despite Lucas' original plans to wait until after Episode III. I really hope he changes his mind and releases the pre-special editions as well, but we'll see.

The story.
I was hearing the same thing. I have seen the original trilogy on DVD but it was from Malaysia. :p I thought he was going to wait until the 3rd one was on DVD, that way he could release them in some kind of order. But I'm hoping they will come out next year. Of course knowing Lucas, they will be released, then a box-set, then re-released again.. :LOL:
I agree with Sinclair. There really wasn't much in the special editions that interested me, with the possible exception of the larger look at the spaceport where Obi-Wan, Luke and the droids left Tatooine. I'm particularly irked by the change in the Death Star's explosion at the end of the film.

I really liked the original editions better. I hope he releases them, perhaps as an option to the special editions in the same package.
From what I gather George is doing this to help the promotion and raise awareness of Episode 3.

I think he just knows how many people are disappointed with 1 & 2 and wants to try and get them excited again.

Mi too sense.

I'm surprised anyone believed this in the first place :) George has said time and again that the OT will come after Episode III is on DVD.
I must say I am disappointed. I recently bought the Indiana Jones DVD set and was saying that the only thing George Lucas would have to do would be to release the original Star Wars movies on DVD and everyone would forgive Episode I being such a piece of crap.

Oh, well, at least we have definite dates for B5 and Buffy.

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