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Open Range (SPOILERS)


I rented Open Range the other day and when I got towards the end of the movie I thought I saw a familiar face. You know who it was?

It was Alex Zahara... and they let him shoot Kevin Costner in the leg too. That guy has had it comin' for years now. :LOL:

Anyway, he was a bad guy and his part was really small but I think the movie is still worth watching. It starts out kinda slow but at the end there's a massive gunfight that is nice and long. If you like Westerns than you should check it out too.

Even though Mr. Zahara gets shot with a scatter gun at the end of the movie I'll always remember the the part where he shoots Kevin Costner. :D
Great movie!

Kostner gets too much flack. Ok, he made a couple of clunkers, but who hasn't? In the right role, he's very good.

And Robert Duvall- always gotta dig his flicks.
My roommate bought this movie last night and we watched it. I was pretty impressed. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it, but it had a terrific storyline and some nice action sequences. I was happy to see the late Micheal Jeter in it too, in what I'm sure was probably his last performance. Overall, a great movie.
I would just watch it for the gun fight. That had to be the most realistic gun fight I have seen at the movies. The camera angles were great and the sound was out of this world. I give the gun fight 10 stars and 3 thumbs up
I bought the dvd last week and watched the extras this afternoon.

What struck me in the face like a cold, wet towel was the difficulty Costner says he had in obtaining money and a distributor for this film. After seeing the finished product, I’m sure there were lots of people kicking themselves in Hollywood for not backing this movie from the beginning. In due time, “Open Range” will be considered the archetype for a western film, along with the likes of “Unforgiven,” and some other Clint Eastwood greats. Costner isn’t exactly a “bit player,” either. He’s a huge star with Academy Awards to his credit. How stupid do you have to be to turn down one of his projects? It makes one wonder who is backing all of the offensive, lowbrow films Hollywood churns out each year.

If you haven’t seen this film, buy it or rent it. It’s well worth your time and money.
I saw it the other night. Enjoyable movie that doesnt try to be too complex and the sounds of the gunshots in the final shootout were great.

Given that he has had some really expensive flops (Waterworld and Postman) I can understand the hesitation of funders.
*Given that he has had some really expensive flops (Waterworld and Postman) I can understand the hesitation of funders.*

Umm, OK, point taken. :eek:
Also he put out a blah western Earp film the same time as the great Tombstone so his history in the genre isn't magnificent either. I generally avoid Costner films nowadays.
I actually liked Wyatt Earp. That's one of the top movies I'm still waiting for to come out on DVD (Schindler's List and Episodes IV-VI are the others). Don't get me wrong, Tombstone is still one of my favorite movies, but Wyatt Earp delved in Earp's past and went into a lot more detail. Like most of Costner's other movies it is a lot longer than most, but I personally believe it is well worth it.
I’ll admit that Costner’s work has blown hot and cold over the years. But I’ve liked several of his films very much, often in spite of co-stars I disagreed with politically, directors I thought were loopy, etc. Here’s the short list:

For Love of the Game – you can’t beat a good baseball movie,
Message in a Bottle (Producer, actor) – my GF also liked this movie right up until the last three minutes,
Dances with Wolves (Producer, Director, Actor),
Field of Dreams,
Bull Durham,
No Way Out,
The Untouchables,
Night Shift – just a bit part, but a hilarious movie anyway (“Idea to eliminate garbage: edible paper.”) :D

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