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One Tree Hill


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When I first tuned into One Tree Hill, I thought it was tripe. Really quite bad. But I decided to watch a few episodes, because I know many shows can improve.

It then became watchable. It was diverting enough for 45 minutes a week that I didn't mind watching it.

Then it happened: I actually started to like it. This mutated into loving it, and now I am officially addicted to this show.

Seeing the end of season one, I just had to start downloading season two and am now going through the available episodes.

Yes, it's soapy. But so addictive! And the characters are very well drawn out, and I can buy in and care about the oucome. And really, that's good TV.

On the more usual Antony notes... I love Sophia Bush. She does many things for me. But I'm also starting to like Chad Michael Murry again. His short hair and tight t-shirts = good.

Addressing the others... Haley I'm starting to like more and more looks wise. Nathan, not for me. Deb Scott.. milfy. And Peyton no... she seems too lesbianish.

But yep, I love the show. Fess up other One Tree Hill junkies. :)
*watches the tumble weed*

I hate to say it, but i think your all alone with your addiction here. Season one has just started in Australia, and i cant get into it, too amercianish school yard BS for me, its gonna be another another dawson creek type show :roll:
Someone will agree with me. I know they will!

It is soapy, but it's got a lot more mature in its writing IMO. They way they can make you form this very specific opinion of a character, then do something small to shift your thoughts. Then do it again. The character of Dan is the biggest surprise for me. Such a one-dimensional "bad guy" at first, he's now one of the most interesting characters.

And at the end of the day, interesting characters are what gets me into a show.