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One step closer to Wolverine move.


They've found a writer for the potential Wolverine movie. They still have yet to sign Jackman and get Fox to agree to it, but here is the preliminary info.
I do. They need much more of Doctor Xavier. :)

He's actually a Prof, with a chair, or at least a wheelchair. I only say this because my Dad is a prof, and gets annoyed at being called a Doctor. It's an academic thing. ;)
Yes, I am an "instructor" not a professor. Academics can be rather picky in terms of titles. :rolleyes:

They could still find some kind of an excuse to get some great chest shots of him. :D
There needs to be a movie about Cyclops and Jean Gray. And the movie happens to be a leaked one ala Paris Hilton.

I'd pay such good money for that. :)

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