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On the next "American Chopper"...

On the next \"American Chopper\"...

...tensions run high as the guys at OCC race to finish -- the POPE BIKE!

Junior: "I started with the basic idea of adapting the Popemobile into a chopper, to keep that tradition going. But I gotta tell you, after actually going to the Vatican and seeing all those frescoes - I went off in a whole different direction. Naturally this got my old man all p****ed off. He just doesn't understand that fabricating a bike is a spiritual experience..."

Senior: "You know, Paulie does this to me every time. We promised those guys we'd have this ready for the new Pope. They're already in the Sistine Chapel, we could see white smoke any day and he's lolly-gagging around redesigning the exhaust so it looks like rosary beads. He's gonna give me an ulcer."

There's just something horribly plausible about the whole idea. :)


(Who watched way too much TV last week)
Re: On the next \"American Chopper\"...

Not to mention the dialogue is spot-on. They don't say a paragraph without "I gotta tell ya" in it.
Re: On the next \"American Chopper\"...

THE POPE CHOPPER! has a nice ring to it, but it could be misunderstood. Could they make an exhaust designed to emit black or white smoke?

It does sound like you've been watching too much TV. I'll admit to watching it myself, sometimes. It is stunning in HD, just about the sharpest looking series I've seen. But, I remember when it didn't account for 50% of the Discovery Channel's programming, and they showed more things I liked better. I thought I was going to find a link to The Onion, when I started reading your post. :D
Re: On the next \"American Chopper\"...

My only quibble is that you forgot to put in the "he'll get it done when my size twelves are in his ass" line.

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