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Okay... something to admit...


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Well, how can I say this without sounding like a ponce...

I cried today, at a movie. Only a little bit... but I had to fight it, to stop myself from blubbing like a big girl.

This is the first time I've *ever* been like that with a movie. I'm not the "crying type" at all, particularly for fictional films/TV.

But the question... can anyone guess what film it was? :)
Watership Down? I think that movie scarred me emotionally when I was a kid and I haven't watched it since. I hate the vision of the rabbits tearing each other apart. :(

...or were you referring to tears of laughter? The last time I laughed until I cried was at watching Thumbwars. :LOL:
I'm referring to tears of sadness.

Tears of laughter are okay. :) I do that many times... and did actually do that in this movie too. :) So cried of both types.
It was.... Stuck On You.

If I was going to be emotionally affected, I never thought it would be from a Farrelly Brothers movie! :LOL: :rolleyes:
I thought the movie was very sweet. I'm not normally one to be sentimental about films... but this one got to me. :D

Fox badly marketed the film, they should be shot shot and shot.
I don't understand where the crying comes in? not to be difficult or anything but I really just saw it as a really funny movie. The brothers were out there pushing the envelope as per usual but thats it. It wasn't boo hoo sad like "The last of the Mohicans" or the golden oldie "Dead Poets society". What tugged at yourtear duct?
No... it was in no way boo hoo sad, it was a comedy. And I didn't cry.. I felt slightly wet eyed. :D

I can't say too much, without giving spoilers, but it was just the culmination of the end bits, then the bench scene where Cher came over. That got to me (the bench scene).
Ah yes. It was actually quite a deep scene. Well the movie itself was excellent and would highly recommend it. The Bro's keeping outdoing themselves and I wonder how much further they can push their luck.

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