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Oatley's book is finally out!


Beyond the rim
Oatley\'s book is finally out!

Well, it's taken a while, but it's finally happened!

As some of you may recall, I have spent the better part of 2 years writing a book, which meant my self-enforced exile from this wonderful internet community for a good while.

In any event, it is finally available, and as my signature line so proudly states, it is called:

"Getting It Right... Or Why The World Is So Monumentallly Screwed: The Manipulation Of History"

The book is a light-hearted exploration of the history of some of the issues that plague and confound our world today. It is not a proper scholarly history book, but basically takes a large overview of many of the ancient and medieval causes that have led to certain current circumstances, and then pokes fun at them.

I have tried to make it generally accessible and funny so that you don't have to be a history major to follow it. And it has a Babylon 5 quote in it!

You can currently order it from Lulu.com, and here is the link:


It will be available from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble within a month (I hope). I sent a very early draft copy of the book to KoshFan, so if you want an opinion about the book, he would be the best person to comment.

I have taken the JMS approach to writing a book - I am hoping that it will provoke barfights after people have read it. So if you want to buy it, have an enjoyable read, marvel at my obvious half-deranged mind, and contribute to my retirement nest egg, please go right ahead.

It is available for $18.95 US dollars!
Re: Oatley\'s book is finally out!

Good luck with it, Oatley. Breaking into the writing market isn't usually very easy. So good luck to you. :cool:
Re: Oatley\'s book is finally out!

Thanks, Hyp. In all honesty, even though I hope it will sell, I'm not really to put out if it doesn't - I wrote it primarily to see if I could, becuase I have always wanted to write a book. Having finally done so, this seemed like the next logical step. :)
Re: Oatley\'s book is finally out!

Indeed. :) Good luck venturing forth. :cool:

How about selling some autographed copies on Ebay? No, no, too soon for that. :)
Re: Oatley\'s book is finally out!

I read your preview chapter on Lulu a while back, it was a great read, best of luck...

I got about 100 pages into a novel this year before hitting a huge block in my head, when I can get the rest of my life back on track I think i'll pick it up again...
Re: Oatley\'s book is finally out!

Thanks for the thumbs-up, Darth - I have started the second book about a week ago, this time a novel. We'll see how we go....

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