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Oatley1's Halloween Entry


Beyond the rim
Oatley1\'s Halloween Entry

OK, since others have posted theirs, I'll give mine a whirl...

The Waking Dream

“This is not good.”
Lightning flashed across the sky. Rain poured down every crevice in a flood of despair. “You have forgotten something…” a voice intoned.
He turned to face the shattered remains of a mirror, and the haggard, fear-ridden face of Sinclair stared back at him. He reached toward it, hesitatingly, unsure.
“This is not right. Where am I?” He knew then, instinctively, that the HORROR was looming. Close. It was so close.
Again, lightning streaked. He saw… buildings. Tall, incomprehensible, alien. Minds like his could not conceive of structures like these, revealing purposes, concealing cages, arguing portents of things best left buried, and not disturbed. So alien, so utterly bereft of any human touch.

The flash was gone, but the image remained, burned into his mind. And his fear grew. Again came the voice, so familiar “You have forgotten something…”

Thunder rolled ominously. The next bolt of lightning brought his fear to a constricting ball in his throat. The pit was illuminated. And from within it, creatures oozed. Hundreds of them. Thousands of them. They scuttled, spider-like, and crawled over each other in their haste and desire. From the abyss they were summoned, and he knew them, or thought he did. From some dim past recollection or reflection of things that were not supposed to be. Spider-like in form, with eyes that shone with some baleful maleficence. Their skin was jet-black, and hard, like some insect’s external shell. How could the universe conceive of such horror? What did they want?

“You know what they want…” They were trying to reach him. They knew him; he could feel their presence within his mind, so much confusion, so much chaos. Hunger. Hunger for life, for movement, for him.

He ran. Yet there was nowhere to run. Cliffs, high, sheer and black loomed all around him. They were coming. Dear God above, they were coming.

“You have forgotten something…” He knew that voice. And he felt a presence behind him. At first he thought it was those horrors, ready to devour his very soul, but this was different. Calmer, colder, impassive. A presence he had felt so many times on Babylon 5.

A Vorlon. Kosh.

“Do you understand?” he asked
“No” the image, or shade, of Sinclair responded.
“Who are they?”
“I don’t know”. Sinclair shivered. This answer seemed to satisfy the Vorlon. He resumed, slowly, circling around Sinclair, almost like a predator.
“What must be, will be. What they are, they remain. What we are, we remain. You will forget.”
“Wait. I don’t understand.”
“No?” Kosh turned, and started to walk away.
“Kosh, wait. What are you? What are they?”
“Alike… and yet unalike.” And with that he touched Sinclair. And Sinclair saw… something. Cold, inpenetrable. Alien. Resolve and purpose, yet no understanding. He felt small, insignificant, a child before the gods. And those… things turned their eyes toward him, and he cowed before them.

And then a Vorlon encounter suit rose before him, and he thought it was Kosh. It was, yet it wasn’t. And this Vorlon looked at him, and he had a feeling of immeasurable contempt emanating from him. Contempt for anything non-Vorlon.
Sinclair turned and faced him. “Who are you?”
“The future.”
And with that, he touched Sinclair, and sent him into merciful oblivion. The last image in his head was of Delenn, and the voice intoning “You have forgotten something…” And of a spider, cold, black, alien and horrific…

Sinclair paused as he was about to take a drink. He shook his head. Something… had just happened. But he couldn’t remember what. He tried to remember. He was at the bar, drinking, listening to the news about Santiago… Dear God, Santiago! And with that he turned his attention to the news broadcast again, with Clark on the viewscreen.

"It is important that we move on to create the world that Louis Santiago would have wanted for his children, my children, and for posterity yet to come."

Behind Sinclair, silently, a Vorlon now entered the room.
Re: Oatley1\'s Halloween Entry

That's good, Oatley. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

Man, I cannot begin to thank Antony enough for the fun he created with this contest. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

These are great stories. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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