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When NYPD Blue debuted I pretty much ignored it. I thought the semi-nudity and "envelope pushing" language were hype for hype's sake, probably there to cover deficient writing, and I hadn't actually liked a Steven Bocho show since Hill Street Blues (and even that was weak in its last couple of seasons.) The show is in its 10th season now, and I'd never caught more than a fragment of an episode while flipping around the dial until last month. The fact that I virtually stopped watching broadcast TV stations since getting a satellite three years ago didn't make me any more likely to catch the show.

But then a funny thing happened as I was getting ready to move. I was spending more and more time at home, less on the computer as the computer room became choked with packed boxes, and watching more TV. I had become thoroughly addicted to the true crime and forensic science shows on Court TV. And one night I didn't change the channel when an NYPD rerun came on. I found the show interesting. I watched it again the next night. Then I discovered that TNT was running two episodes a day in the afternoons, although they were about a season behind the point in the story where Court TV was.

I was now watching the show three times a day. When I moved I lost the satellite, and the local cable outfit doesn't carry Court TV. But that's OK. Because TNT shows 10 episodes a week, they basically burn through a season every 2 1/2 weeks, and I was soon caught up with where Court TV had been, and beyond. Enough that I could watch the new episodes on ABC every week without feeling lost in the storyline.

Now I tape the two episodes every afternoon while I'm running around looking for work, shopping or doing errands, and I watch them in the evening. I'm getting like my mom with her soap operas.
Yesterday featured a season 9 two-parter guest starring Claudia Christian. Damn, Claudia and Charlotte Ross in the same episode. It don't get much better than that. That may have been the season ender because today they started over with season one, episode one. Excellent time to catch up with this series if you hadn't previously discovered it.




I'm jealous of Theo. Those who saw this week's new episode will know what I mean. Pity the DVD don't feature additional "uncut" footage.

Whenever i watched that series i allways used to feel dizzy due to the camera work .

shame there isnt an avatar for being sick or dizzy
I want to see it on DVD!

Funny you should mention that. According to an item in Tuesday's edition of The Digital Bits:

In new upcoming DVD news, we've confirmed with A&E that they'll release Homicide: Life on the Street - The Complete First and Second Seasons on DVD on 5/27. Watch for an official announcement soon.

Excellent show, can't wait myself. But, as with Trek and B5, it isn't as if you can only like one cop show. I like NYPD, Homicide, the various Law & Order shows, and Thirdwatch (which I just started watching in reruns on A&E - since I can no longer watch NYPD at 11 PM on Court TV.
) Each of these shows has its own strengths and weaknesses. I don't really feel the need to compare them.


I watched NYPD Blue the first 3 or 4 seasons and that was it. I just kind of fell out of it, but I did watch almost all of Homicide and watch 3rd Watch when I can remember it's on. NYPD Blue will be out on DVD March 18th and CSI will be out on March 25th. The one cop show that I liked that didn't get much play was Profiler. I watch it occasionally on Court TV.

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