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Number One on old Law & Order


I started renting the Law & Order DVDs (never watched the show). A few episodes into season 1, there's case involving kinky sex games with equipment purchased from a leather shop. The owner of the shop is a tall blond chick with crazy spiky hair and the leather get-up, with the distinctive voice and authority of Number One, leader of the Mars rebellion and cheif intelligence officer for the Interstellar Alliance.

... which of course gives me odd images of her using that leather stuff on Franklin... :eek:
Jason was talking about that the other weekend at Redemption.

"The script says 'Marcus sits rythmicly opening and closing his pike!'. Come on! why don't we just have a train going into a tunnel, or waves crashing on a beach?" (quoted from memory)

I never made the connection ......he must have lost the, er, .....beat ........with his pike opening and closing.......... :D

I was holding out for Law and Order season 2, but now I may have to get it JUST for #1, easily the sexiest B5 gal behind Delenn........... ;)
I gave this to my dad for Christmas a couple years ago. I'll have to borrow them, and see this episode. ;)


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