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His Majesty
Email notifications have not "from" line and get deposited in my bulk mail folder. Can a from line be added to notifications?

If the answer is "yes it can"...will you? :D
Email notification? :confused:

I get those when I receive a PM at Kribu's Lounge, but not here. That annoying flashing icon is more than enough for me to know immediately that I have a PM here. :p
I notice the flashing icon as well, but I have received "could you, would you" pm's which have lingered for some time. My email is tied to my messenger and I get a notification when I receive the mail. (This is not my main email account so I get few messages there.)

I like the annoying flashy thing here. :D

...and what do you mean "sort of" Antony? :p
Well it's Infopop's stupidity. I don't put my email address, as they automatically put it at the bottom of the screen where spam bots can get to it. Remove it, and it does what you're saying. Dumb.

So I think I'll need to add it, but then edit the files manually so it doesn't appear at the board.