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No Atmosphere!!


That's probably the number complaint I've had with most things B5. I love camera angles, color, shading, style and a basic sense of realism to everything. If it doesn't have that, then I'm watching it with one foot out the door. Little things always bother me. No background hum of wind, machinery and people when their out on the balcony. In fact no wind to speak of at all. Nitpicky crap like that always bothers me.

I don't know, maybe my palet's a bit thick right now considering the last three movies I've seen have been heavy in the little details (Amelie, Lord of the Rings and Brotherhood of the Wolf). And I'm not talking about that much detail for B5LR either. Just enough so that the audience can enjoy watching this movie/series with the sound turned town. Snatch was more beautifuly shot than this!

And Myriam Sirois's scream in the gunnery pod was a little over the top. As in: "snicker, snciker, that was dumb".


"Chekov man, it's all the same thing. Chekov and Buffy the vampire slayer - it's all about beautiful losers."

-James Marsters (Spike)

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