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I have noticed that I have only seen the s1 boxed set advertised here and on other sci-fi related sites, but NOWHERE ELSE. You can't open a TV Guide without seeing ads for the new STTNG sets. /forums/images/icons/mad.gif What gives? Does WB have that little faith in their product that they can't even promote it to the masses?
:: coroprate Kosh voice, sounding like Drakh whisper ::

It is not yet time.

:: end corporate Kosh voice ::

I suspect that they will advertise, simply closer to the street date. If the disks go on sale in November, advertising campaigns might be too early. Not all people pre-order things on-line. Those who do are usually the better informed ones, who know what they are getting. Others will wait until (at the very least) the specifications are out.
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You can't open a TV Guide without seeing ads for the new ST:TNG sets. /forums/images/icons/devil.gif What gives?


Maybe the fact that the TNG sets are on sale now, and being released every other month, while the B5 set doesn't debut until November? /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Heck, Warner Home Video hasn't even released the official specs yet, and may still be working on the contents. The only reason they gave out enough information for Amazon and others to take pre-orders is that the NCCI told everybody the discs were in production months before Warner Bros. was ready.

There won't be any Warner Bros. ads until they know what they're selling.



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