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Ninja Assasin


Has anybody else seen this? I thought a JMS-written ninja movie could only be awesome, but boy was I wrong. One of the dumbest movies I've seen latetly. Granted, he was only hired to do a rewrite so I'm sure he was working under strict guidelines, but holy crap was that script terrible.
I found it equally disappointing that it was a film from the Wachowski brothers and from JohnMcTeague, who brought us the awesomely original and intelligent "V for Vendetta".
Don't get me wrong, I didn't go in expecting something typical JMS. I knew I was in for popcorn. But this movie was so dumb and the action so outlandish or dull most of the time I didn't enjoy much.
That Chain Dagger was pretty sweet though... it made me want one, not that I be willing to go and try to swing one around. :p

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