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Nightnares and Dreamscapes..


I'm not a big King fan but I loved his "Dark Tower" epic and enjoyed the uncut "Stand". anybody been watching this mini-series and is it any good?

ANybody know if they plan on a Dark Tower movie(s)?
I havent watched the mini yet but the last I heard there werent any plans for a Dark Tower movie, but marvel is putting out a Dark Tower comic sometime soon.

I'm still miffed about Susannah's end in the books. To me living with memory just on the fringe with people who aren't quite the people she loves seems like a far worse hell than having to repeat the quest until it's right or even death. Eddie would not be Eddie without a similar past. The second Jake had the exact same history except for the dying part. Also stopping before the end after all that had been sacrificed just didn't seem in character.