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Nibbled to death by ducks.


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I never knew this until just now. I've been reading some of the archived jms GEnie (whatever that was) posts back when he was working to produce "The Gathering."


Specifically, message 221, which is very near the bottom of the page linked to above.

The point of interest is:

Is it still fun? There are moments when you shouldn't ask me that
question. On the topic of television, and trying to get ANYthing done, Eric
Severeid once commented that the process is "like being nibbled to death by
ducks." So yeah, that plays a part from time to time.

So, I guess with a bit of tweaking to make it funny in an interstellar society context, and bam: origin to Londo's "nibbled to death by cats" line.


Reading some of these old posts of jms's is quite fun.

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