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News post: US Babylon 5 DVD news update


<font size="+1">US Babylon 5 DVD news update</font>
<font size="3">Sales ranking, Amazon hikes price, and JMS comments</font>

The first Babylon 5 DVD is doing well, if Amazon is any indication of the DVD's success. Amazon ranks it top sellers, and the DVD is at an impressive number #55 on its site. It's risen from #60 in less than 12 hours, and it's bound to rise further.

However, now that the DVD has released for a day, Amazon has put up the price from $14.98 to $15.99. How nice of them.

Meanwhile, JMS posted some encouraging news. It's only been a day, but he says, "Due to the response to the movie B5 DVDs it's my understanding that WB is almost there on deciding to release the first few seasons."

For more on the DVD, and a link to order, click here.
Glad I purchased my copy last night before they jacked the price up. Too bad I can't find it in any store around here though. I wonder why nobody around here is carrying it.

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It would appear to be a good strategy.

I was actually holding off on buying the DVD since it's 20 days
til Christmas. I went halfway through the purchase yesterday and stopped. I figured I could wait.

Now today, they raise the price, and cheap me goes running back to complete my purchase at the lower price.

Oh, they're sneaky alright!

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Demand is higher than they thought. It's natural for them to raise the price. I take it as a good sign that they re-evaluated how it would sell so quickly. It must have been very apparent that demand was higher than they thought.

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I was just at Amazon and went over to the
page to look at the current sales rank (56)

Lo and behold, the price is back down to $14.98.
I suspect the "increase" was a mistake, or else they've had so many complaints that they changed it back. I wonder if the folks ordered at the higher price will get the extra buck credited back to them?



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Ok, I ordered this goddamn DVD during the short period it was at a higher price.

The mighty GKarsEye always has mighty bad luck.

Oh well, I'll just rob some old lady or something to get that extra $1 to pay for it.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> I'll just rob some old lady or something to get that extra $1 <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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Word is, she's hoping he comes back.
She says she needs the target practice.

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please help fellow fans

i live in sunny south africa
i really want to do my bit and get the dvd
and soon , cos the exchange rate is just getting worse.

we have multi zone dvd players down here
can i play the dvd if i buy it
how about on a dvd rom computer?

does amazon accept mastercard or visa

thanks in advance

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kin_of_zathras: Any multi region (zone) DVD player (as well as any region 1 DVD players) will be able to handle the B5 DVD.
It's only DVD players that are locked on to some other region then 1 that will be unable to do so.

As for your computer DVD ROM, it might be region locked but software cracks are availible for most such players. Just do a search in Google or Altavista.

Amazon accepts VISA (know this from personal experiance) and I would be very surprised if they don't accept mastercard as well.

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Amazon always raises prices on DVDs after they're released. After all, once they're out, they're no longer eligible for the preorder discount.