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News post: Rangers trailer to hit the convention circuit


<font size="+1">Rangers trailer to hit the convention circuit</font>
<font size="3">Details on the conventions where you can see the trailer</font>

SCIFI.com has announced that the Rangers trailer will be shown at a number of conventions. So, if you fancy seeing the trailer in a bit more style than as a tiny Quicktime file, try to attend one of these these conventions. And, naturally, convert as many people around you to the religion that is B5 while you're there. All conventions are in the US.

United Fan Con, November 9-11 2001, Springfield, MA

B5 guests at the con are Richard Biggs (Stephen Franklin) and Jason Carter (Marcus Cole). Other guests include Marina Sirtis (TNG's Deanna Troi) and Virginia Hey (Farscape's Zhaan).

ArmadilloCon 23, November 16-18 2001, Austin, TX

Probably the worst convention website I've seen... but check it out if you want to try and find out who's attending the con. Good luck...

EveCon 18, December 28-30 2001, Fort Washington, MD

This con doesn't seem to be one with guests, but you can check out the website for more of what is going on.

Arisia, January 18-20 2002, Fort Washington, MD

This convention is... a convention, as far as I can tell. No more information than that.

Astronomical ConFusion 2002, January 18-20 2002,Warren, MI

This seems to be a busy con, with a lot of guests and quite a bit going on. Check our their website for more info.
You know, I live in Maryland and I'm not sure where one would find Fort Washington.

This may not mean anything but it could suggest that the conventions will be a bit small.

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I believe that Arisia has been around for a Number of years. It's a FAN run convention, so they would shop around for a hotel that is as easy on the Fans wallets as possible while still being able to hold the Con.

The Name of the convention is a clue.

In the Lensman series of books, Arisia is the name of the Homeworld of the "First Ones" who shape the history of the galaxy.

Naming a Con after a series of books writen in the 1940s tells you that the people running it Like Books.

Ft. Washington, btw, is across the river from Mount Vernon.

The 3 most common elements in the Universe:
Hydrogen, Greed, Stupidity!

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Maybe some of it passes me by.

But looking for info on those cons was awful. Couple of the websites were dreadful, pure dreadful.

I do wonder though... how big will these conventions be? I think SCI FI should try and get some of the bigger con organizers, such as Creation or Slanted Fedora, in on the act.

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It turns out that I could probably go the the Massachusettes one. I don't know though, I've never been to a con. I think it would be too weird for me. Maybe if I'm really bored...

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I disagree about Creation, at least.

It's a Profit Making, Trek Centric organization.
While the Profit part is OK, the Trek Centric is a big Negative.

Plus, it's the wrong time of year for any Large Conventions.
Too much competition from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannuka, Holiday and New Years parties.
Most fans are too busy and Too Broke to go anywhere this time of year.

The 3 most common elements in the Universe:
Hydrogen, Greed, Stupidity!
I've never been to Arisia, but what I do remember was the ecstatic reports from my friends coming back each year about all the wonderful B&D parties they had attended.

Never got the impression that the guests were the focus at that one.

B&D Parties??

Did the friend by any chance mention a group called "Bondage, James Bondage" as the instigators??

They used to show up a lots of cons and did put on some fun parties.
Good munchies, beer, decorated the room with some "interesting" items of apparel...
Open door though, so nothing much more than talk went on usually.
Just in case any Kids might wander in.

They would sell you a Cat-O-Nine-Tails if you wanted one, though.

The 3 most common elements in the Universe:
Hydrogen, Greed, Stupidity!

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