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News post: Myriam Sirois SCIFI.com chat transcript


<font size="+1">Myriam Sirois SCIFI.com chat transcript</font>
<font size="3">Read up on what Myriam had to say at last night's live chat </font>

Over at SCIFI.com, Myriam Sirois (Sarah Cantrell in B5LR) took part in an online chat last night, Thursday January 3 2002. Below is a transcript of the moderated portion of the chat, which has been edited for ease of reading.

Many thanks to Lyta who sent in this transcript.

<font color="#6699cc"><ChatMod) Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Patrizia DiLucchio for SCIFI. Tonight we're pleased to welcome actress Myriam Sirois who plays Sarah Cantrell, the Rangers weapons specialist in the highly anticipated, Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers, an original SCIFI Channel movie we'll begin screening on January the 19th.

Myriam Sirois has done extensive television work, most notably playing the leading role in Miles from Nowhere. She was also featured in Daughters, The Limbic Region and A Mother's Justice.

(Lyta-B5LR): Whom do you admire the most? In what way does that person inspire you?</font>

The obvious answer...Many people feel the same way... I have an incredible mother who is always positive. She's my best friend. I'm very lucky to have her in my life.

By the way... HI EVERYBODY... This is my first chat. I want to thank you guys for coming. I recognise many of your names

<font color="#6699cc">(PlasticFries): hello Myriam, i am indeed exceited to see B5: lor I have been a fan for a lont time. Have you seen any of the other Babylon 5's before?</font>

Yes I have! When I first got the job I hadn't watched. But now I have Direct TV and I've been watching B5 almost every day. It's really been helpful in understanding where I fit into the time line.

<font color="#6699cc">(elriclovesdelenn): As an actress in a new Babylon 5 project, did you feel more pressure to produce a good performance given the shows fan base?</font>

Definitely I didn't want to disappoint the fans. The original show had such a fan base and such a quality reputation. I wanted everybody to be proud of what we did. And when we went to the first gathering in Vancouver, there were hundreds of fans there who loved the show and loved Joe so much. So yes, there was a standard to live up to.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): What was the most rewarding aspect of being a Ranger? </font>

Probably the most rewarding, and being a part of Legends -- this story that Joe's created is the sense of "family" The friendships I've made with the other cast members. They are all so positive and uplifting to be around. Being a part of that circle, even is a small well is something I'll treasure always.

<font color="#6699cc">(drakh): You've said you were dubbing Ranma when you were told about the Rangers casting. Do you remember the name of the episode in question, or some of the plot? </font>

Oh boy...It was pretty much the end... I think we had about six episodes left to dub, and I was working on the third of the six. I know I had quite a bit of work to do. I had to rush to get to the audition. It was fated to happen.

<font color="#6699cc">(elriclovesdelenn): What was JMS like to work with compared to other writers you have worked with? </font>

I'm probably going to repeat what other have said...Working with Joe is such a priviledge. He's so open as a writer, as a PERSON. He focuses so strongly on you whenever you get a chance to talk with him. I felt so supported... He really listened and really cared. You don't always get that. A lot of the times writers aren't even near the set.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): Is it intimidating to be admired by so many fans before the movie even airs? (btw, hi!)</font>

Good question. I don't think it's intimidating so much as exciting and overwhelming. It isn't every day that you to join a show with such a legion of fans. You don't get that evry often. I welcome it.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): What is your fondest childhood memory?</font>

I think probably anytime I was out riding my horses. Not any one particular time. Me and my dog and the horses. Living in the city I don't get that chance much.

<font color="#6699cc">(drakh): You jumped right in with us B5 fans... Did you have much interaction with Anime fandom? </font>

A little bit infact. I was invited to several anime conventions. I was invited to one in San Jose CA several years ago. We spent four days meeting with fans, answering questions, interacting. That was only one of them. I'm sorry I didn't have more of a chance for that kind of interaction.

<font color="#6699cc">(SandyV4752): If Legend of the Rangers gets picked up as a series, would you be willing to continue your role? </font>

An enormous YES. Absolutely. So all you guys better watch the movie. And make your friends watch the movie and pump up those ratings. WE NEED YOU.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): Your role looks like it would be a fun (but hard) one to play with all the wire work and action ... was it?

It was extremely fun And also hard. So yes to both. But I have to say that I had a lot of wonderful help. People who stayed around to wee hours to make every work. You are all by your lonesome working in front of the green screen. I really have to thank Mike for painting the picture so that I was able to do the work convincingly. The stunt coordinators all the way down the line they were great.

<font color="#6699cc">(crazybillyo): Hey Myriam! Are you looking forward to anything in particular when the Rangers gets picked up as a series? </font>

Definitely. We had an hour and a half movie to introduce characters and set the stage. Going to series would be incredible because we have a long way to go with our characters. I want everyone to see Sarah as multilayered, multidimensional. A movie can't focus on one character, but in a series you can get to know every characters so well. Friends, is an example of that. After eight years the rating are soaring because the audience knows the characters so well. They are a part of your family. You care about them.

<font color="#6699cc">(b5-captain-sheridan): How long did The Legend of the Rangers take to film?</font>

I believe if I'm not mistaken, we filmed over seveenteen days. I was in VAncouver about three weeks doing it.

<font color="#6699cc">(Starlord): How did you like working with G'Kar? </font>

I loved working with him. We didn't ahve any scenes directly together. But being around him and watching him work...take after take...he's such a wonderful actor. And I got to spend some time with him in LA when we met with the press. It would be a thrill if he came back and made many more appearances on Rangers.

<font color="#6699cc">(Hypatia2): Were there any practical jokes on the set? </font>

Nothing really that sticks out in my mind. We all like a joke. Kidding with each other. I was such a happy friendly atmosphere. But practical jokes. Pretty fun out takes. I do remember we were doing the looping. Dylan was in a studio in LA and I was in Canada and I didn't know I was talking with him. When I realized it I said "I though I was talking to myself". Dylan said "So what else is new?" He's like that Our big brother.

<font color="#6699cc">(lonbaby): Is there any mention of Delenn and Sheridan in the movie? </font>

No comment. I'm sworn to secrecy about details. Joe will find me in Toronto and hunt me down. Sorry... But I can't TELL (shhhh!!!)

<font color="#6699cc">(Hawk2001): How soon do you think it well be when B5 becomes a weekly show? </font>

What I've been told is that once we get a go ahead we could probably start production as early as March or April, to air -- and I'm guessing -- in the fall of '02, or early '03.

<font color="#6699cc">(Hypatia2): What project do you hope to do sometime far in the future? Not "Rangers", since it will be soon! Is there any part you'd really like to grow into someday?</font>

I think as I get older and mature as a person, I'll become a better actor because I'll have so much to draw on as a person. But I've always had a flair for the dramatic. So something dramatic. Outside myself. Actors love a challenge and that would challange me a very dramatic role. BUT, having said that, I think it would be really great to do a comedy and show my crazy side. My friends will tell you that I do have one. Sarah has one too, by the way But her sense of humor is drier than mine.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): What will you be doing when the movie airs? Watching it with any fellow cast members?</font>

I will be watching it with my family. Probably at home. And I will watch it many times. Though I have to watch myself with fingers over my eyes. I have to admit I'm very anxious to see all the cool stuff.

<font color="#6699cc">(Hypatia2): Can you tell us in gerneral terms what your favorite scene in "To Live and Die in Starlight" was? I know you can't give specs...</font>

I think I had a couple fun moments with Dylan's character. We raze each other in the movie a lot, cute moments. That was a lot of fun. I have to say that the stuff I'm most proud of is probably the work I did in the harness. Doing all of the stunts myself. I had never done anything out of the ordinary like that before. It was all soo new. Finding my way, learning my weight and balance was a challange. It was such a sense of accomplishment after it was all done.

<font color="#6699cc">(Toshi): If the show goes to series, would be moving back to Vancouver?</font>

Yes. Mostly likely the show would tape 9 months a year so I would have to move out there.

<font color="#6699cc">(b5-captain-sheridan): Have you watched the Babylon 5 television series?</font>

As I mentioned before I started watching the series AFTER I did B5:LOTR. I watch on SCIFI. Unfortunately they don't always show the episodes in sequence. But I'm really watching the performances and the interactions between the characters. I was watching tonight seeing Londo and G'Kar come to an agreement to stop a war. If any of the characters come to our show...and I'm [npt] saying they will...because that would give away secrets...I now know who the players are. It's such a character driven show. You can can alawys relate to it It's about hope, and faith and your place in the universe. It's inspiring.

<font color="#6699cc">(lonbaby): Are there any merchandise (hats, tee's, etc) with logos like B5:LOTR that will be available? Will you be an action figure?</font>

I wish I knew the answer to those things actually. There was a teeshirt available in a contest at one point. I would love to be an action figure. That would be really fun. Who doesn't want to be an action figure?

<font color="#6699cc">(b5-captain-sheridan): Who was your favorite character? </font>

Well I really love Ivanova of course. he's a wonderful character. And I really love Delann.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): Did you have any preconceived notions about Babylon 5 before auditioning/taking the role? Were any of those proven true or false?</font>

I didn't have any about B5 at all. I had an hour before my first audition. I went in totally cold but for what I could take from the material given to me.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) What the greatest challange in voice acting?</font>

I think the greatest challange is that you only have your voice. You can't use your eyes or body. In television silence is golden because you can speak with your body. In anime that doesn't work.

<font color="#6699cc">(PlasticFries): So when you walked into the audition, did you get a sudden rush of "Oh yeah, I got this" Or ...?</font>

I've been auditioning for a long time. I was happy with what I've done...but you never really know. I had absolutely no idea. But I was happy that I had done a good job and gotten through the audition. Sometimes auditions that seem awful pay off with roles, and auditions that seemed like they went really well never lead to anything

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Myriam. We're about out of time. Thanks for joining us.</font>

Good night. Thank you all for coming. For the great questions. Hopefully we can do this again soon.
I read this first thing today and want to add my thanks to Lyta for providing the transcript for people like me who don't take part in chats. (Can't think, can't type, can't afford the time)

I always seem to be diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
*bows graciously*

Glad I could be of some service.

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Hey, thanks for the transcript, Lyta! I thought i would be able to attend the chat while at my dad's house, but when i asked about it, I was informed that he canceled his unlimited hours plan and went with a 10 hour per month plan, so of course i would not be permitted to chat!

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