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News post: More wrapped car pics


<font size="+1">More wrapped car pics</font>
<font size="3">The B5-fan-car goes on tour</font>

Bonnier Hammer may have been featured with her wrapped car, and it may sit nicely in a car park—but it's the B5 fan's car featured previously on B5LR.com that's doing the rounds, and going further afield to spread the word.

Be sure to check out the latest batch of pics of Aisling's lovely wrapped car, and where it's been today. Click here to visit her site.

Something tells us she won't want that car unwrapped, and has her Minbari pike ready to fight off anyone who might dare try to remove it. With B5LR sex idols Sasaki and.... G'Kar... on the bodywork, who'd want to?

Click here to see the pictures, and details of what's going on
I was just curious: Has anyone ever seen one of these in person? I was hoping that I would, being how I live outside LA, but nope, not a one.
I saw a PowerPuff girls car, and a Spider-Man car, but no Rangers car!! *mutters*

Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova's recommendations. Ivanova is God. And if this ever happens again, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out.
I'm the owner of the Philadelphia car, and I did meet up with some fans -- both purposely and serendipitously. I had planned meetings with some people from the moderated B5 Usenet newsgroup, and also I'm sure that some people who simply saw me on the street were fans. Having been driving this car now for more than a month, I can assure you that you can definitely tell who is looking at you: there are distinctly different expressions from people who are just curious, and people who know exactly what they're looking at!

Also, I can't vouch for the other Rangers-wrapped-car drivers, but in the time since my car's been wrapped, I have been driving all the hell over the place! So there has been plenty of opportunity for people in this area, from Lancaster to Pottstown to Wilmington (DE) to Center City Philadelphia to have seen it.

I truly hope it helped -- if it could have guaranteed that the series would be greenlighted, I would have driven many more miles, to many more towns, gladly.


Aisling Grey

Proud driver of a Rangers-wrapped car:
And now new and improved wrapped car pictures at
SciFi.com has more pics available of the New York, Chicago, Philadelphia (Aisling Grey's car) and San Francisco wrapped cars.

New Photos as of 1.24.2002

*grins with envy*

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