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News post: More B5LR promotion news


<font size="+1">More B5LR promotion news</font>
<font size="3">Trailer to be shown at LOTR showings; plus, more banners</font>

At the end of a post in the moderated B5 newsgroup, JMS gave a quick but very important piece of information. "For those going to the Lord of the Rings when it opens up, there will be a Legend of the Rangers trailer shown in most of the theaters carrying that film," he posted.

This is great news on how seriously the SCI FI Channel is taking its promotional efforts. We recently reported on the car wrapping, and banner advertisements across the UGO network. A trailer showing in theaters at what will be a massive film will certainly spread the word, and will hopefully bring the great ratings we all desire.

JMS also stated that some theatergoers would receive B5LR trading cards when attending.

Drakh has started up a thread about this news at the messageboard, where members are discussing what the trailer should be like. Click here to join in.

Meanwhile, more banners are appearing across the UGO advertising network. We previously reported on the first banner ad, and here are a few more that are now running:




Thanks to Drakh, Chris and Deviot.

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Nice ads!

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I just saw the latest (and greatest, so far) promotion for B5LR on TLC...quite unexpected on that channel! It appears that SciFi realizes what a gem they have and are really walking the talk. I've *never* seen such promotion for a TV movie (geez, even in theaters), so they must realize it's potential...this bodes well for a series! Continuing our journey through the B5 universe through the eyes of the Rangers is an excellent strategy...leave it to JMS to "make it so."

Yeah! Can't wait until January!


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