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News post: Mike Helba returns from Z'ha'dum


News post: Mike Helba returns from Z\'ha\'dum

<font size="+1">Mike Helba returns from Z'ha'dum</font>
<font size="3">Popular 'About Babylon 5 Fans' site, and its webmaster, are back</font>

Fans were disappointed recently when the popular About Babylon 5 Fans site disappeared due to cutbacks at About.com. The site, which was run by Mike Helba, was one of 300 sites dropped from About.com.

However good news. Mike sends along word that the content of the site is now available again at a new website that he has launched, called Worlds of JMS. It will give "substantial weight to Straczynski's other non-B5 projects as well," says Mike.

You can visit the new website by clicking here and visiting http://www.worldsofjms.com.

Congratulations to Mike on his return.

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Re: News post: Mike Helba returns from Z\'ha\'dum

Thanks for the update and link!
I thought his was one of the best B5/J.M.S. sites out there on the web and was shocked to click it one day and find it gone....

Glad he's back, thanks again!

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