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News post: JMS on thinking forward


<font size="+1">JMS on thinking forward</font>
<font size="3">More talk about the B5 DVD</font>

While talking with SCI FI Wire, JMS explained how they tried to be forward-thinking back when the show started, by filming the series in "letterbox" 16:9 widescreen format in the hope that it would one day become popular in television. The pilot telemovie "The Gathering", is the only episode not to be filmed in that way. "We always tried to be a forward-thinking show. We were the first show to be shooting in widescreen. When we did our post-production, we would do full-surround mixes with a very aggressive subwoofer."

"In terms of the widescreen versions, I was involved in that by way of The SCI FI Channel. There was a version [of "In the Beginning"] in widescreen that was released overseas in PAL format, and when they were going to do the laser disc, Warner said there are no versions in widescreen. The only reason they're putting it out in wide is that The SCI FI Channel wanted to broadcast it in wide. Warners didn't have to go through the process, with SCI FI underwriting it, of reassembling the masters in the original aspect ratio. The good part of that is that The SCI FI Channel was able to work through the bugs along the way."

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