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News post: JMS goes to sees Lord of the Rings

Jade Jaguar

If B5LR becomes a series, maybe JMS could talk Peter Jackson into directing an ep, without crawling through monkey vomit...

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There is already talk that The Lord of the Rings will be up for an Oscar this year, which is quite unusual for scifi or fantasy. Also I imagine Peter Jackson stands a good chance of being nominated.

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<font size="+1">JMS goes to sees Lord of the Rings</font>
<font size="3">B5 creator offers his thoughts on the movie</font>

Babylon 5 is certainly connected with Lord of the Rings at the moment. There's the B5LR trailer now being shown before the film in many US theatres, and lead B5LR actor Dylan Neal offered his views on the film (related news).

However, more importantly, it's well known that J Michael Stracyznski is a big Lord of the Rings fan. So what he likes, we're interested in. In a recent post to the moderated newsgroup, JMS said, "To tell the truth, to see all three of these movies, even in rough cut for the latter two, I'd fly to the UK on my own dime and crawl, naked and bleeding, through five miles of broken glass and monkey vomit, just to see them. So Peter Jackson, if you're out there...you know where to find me." He'd come here to the UK? He must be a big fan!

Now that JMS has had a chance to see the first movie, he offered his thoughts to the newsgroup. "Saw it yesterday afternoon (with Harlan, who was there to review it for F&SF) at a theater in Sherman Oaks, and it's about as perfect a movie as I've ever seen. It was everything I hoped it would be, and just what I always saw in my mind's eye as I read the books.

"I will almost certainly go back to see it again, especially once they begin running the trailer for The Two Towers sometime later in the run.

"(BTW, the B5-Rangers trailers will start running the 28th of December at 800 theaters showing LoTR; a full listing of theaters can be found at b5lr.com.)"

For that list that JMS mentions, click here.
If Rings isn't nominated for Best Picture, I will be very annoyed. In my opinion, it is one of the best movies I have seen in years. Jackson does deserve a nomination as director, but I also feel that Ian Mc Kellen should be nominated for acting--he was fantastic as Gandalf.



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Just for the record, I went to see FotR on Dec. 23 at the Hollywood 12 (owned by Ajay) in Jackson, TN and the B5:LR trailer was already running then. It ran first, so it's a good thing I was back from my trip to the bathroom. (And if you haven't seen FotR yet, make sure you don't forget a visit to the bathroom before the movie, or you'll be suffering by the time it ends).

Several other impressive trailers ran as well, and I'm quite impressed with the way Spidey moves. I've always been a spiderfan--I'm just wondering how many sequels before we see Venom and Carnage show up.

I thought the Spider Man CGI was too obviously CGI. The movement was fairly natural but I thought it had too much of that CGI sheen.

You're right about the bathroom thing. Think before you get too large a drink for the movie.

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